A story, a family, a company

Zamberlan was founded in 1929 to build on the passion for the mountains and the ability to work leather. After millions of pairs of boots sold all over the world, it is still run by the family, namely by Marco and Maria, the siblings who represent the third generation.

Thanks to its technical competence, constructive innovation, choice and processing of materials, all strictly Italian, Zamberlan is a point of reference in the world of outdoors activities, from high-altitude expeditions to light hiking. Fans from 50 countries around the world can confirm this.


To make walking lovers - who live life first-hand and enjoy time, spaces, destinations, details, without haste and consciously - wear the best boots built by hand in Italy, using skilful technologies and innovative technical solutions that ensure performance, durability and beauty.


We want to be identified as the worldwide reference point for the constructive know-how and aesthetic beauty of mountain boots and leisure shoes, primarily made of leather.

We want people to wear our products to enjoy life, themselves and their surroundings, leisurely and consciously, regardless of their chosen trail.


Handmande Philosophy

We wanted to express what we have always done and what characterizes our way of facing and experiencing work, sport, the mountains. Our aim is to create the best possible product that improves the life of the wearer, while respecting production times, our collaborators and the Territory in which we have been located from the very beginning.

Handmade Philosophy expresses our style of "brand with purpose" but is also an invitation to live following the "handmade" rhythm, at any latitude or altitude.

Marco Zamberlan

“The Mountains are part of my life, and I have learned a lot from them by climbing some of the highest peaks in the world. I decided to keep the company's production site in the same place where it was born. In ninety years of activity, in this Italian town, we have built experience, constructive know-how, manual and industrial skills, to produce leather boots that ensure performance, durability and comfort. It is precisely because of our history, tradition and connection to the territory that my family wishes to keep the headquarters where our roots are. Each of our products is born from direct experience, from our field tests, from the study of the most suitable fit and materials. We put all our passion into it so that those who wear Zamberlan® can share with us that Handmade Philosophy that represents our style in work, sport, relationships as well as our respect for the environment and the mountains. "

Marco Zamberlan

Emilio Zamberlan

“Ninety years have passed since the production of the first prototypes that revolutionized mountain footwear in an innovative way: even though the world has completely transformed, we still manufacture the product in an artisanal way. This is the heritage we celebrate in 2019. "

Emilio Zamberlan