The line that vitalises traditional footwear

The best quality Tuscan leathers in the hands of expert artisans,
give new life to the oldest shoemaking techniques.

The Icona line and all-leather artisan-designed boots represent the Zamberlan® style throughout the world. Product range that features very traditional and extremely resistant construction methods, which require great skill and experience to be executed:
the "Norwegian method" and the "Goodyear welt process".


The "Norwegian method" features two lines of stitching: the first fixes the upper to the insole (which is specifically designed for this use), the second fixes the upper to the midsole which will later be glued to the sole.

The products of this range are both strong and flexible, making them sturdy and comfortable.

Boots with a Norwegian welt construction are highly durable and can also be re-soled.

Goodyear welt process

The "Goodyear" welt process is a type of shoe construction used by only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen, this is due to the time and dedication it takes to master this technique.

The upper part of the shoe is fastened to the insole by sewing a leather strip (also known as the “welt”), this connects the upper and the lining too. The midsole is then glued and sewed with a second stitch.

Between the insole and outsole a layer of filling is added with a high strength adhesive glue for extra padding and comfort.

The main benefits of the Goodyear welt are its softness and flexibility making the shoes it super comfortable from the day you buy them.

The icona collection