Zamberlan outdoor and hunting boots and shoes designed to fit men. Maximum comfort, safety and durability.

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    EVEREST EVO RR PU  -  ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering  Boots   -   Black/Orange



    ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering Boots

    € 899,00

    Mountaineering boots designed for extreme expeditions to the Himalayan peaks that meet the needs of the mountaineer. Waterproofness, sturdiness and excellent protection are the characteristics at the base of our research into better shock absorbency and lightness, which exploits the most advanced technology that the footwear industry has to offer. The 8000 EVEREST EVO RR mountaineering boots have been especially designed for high altitude expeditions. The removable inner bootee guarantees optimal thermal insulation, the new Vibram® Penia outsole has deep-set, multi-directional lugs for better traction and durability. The double-density PU wedge (rigid PU and shock absorbing PU) guarantees better absorbency and support as well as lightness. The carbon fibre insole with honeycomb structure thermally insulates the inner bootee while maintaining the heat generated by the outsole of the feet. The rubber rand and the PU heel offer more protection against scratches and lacerations. The high gaiter is waterproof and the YKK zip is resistant to water, wind and UV rays. The excellent thermal insulation characteristic of the 8000 EVEREST EVO RR has been certified by the CIMAC institute for temperatures up to -30°C (in a static environment), but  the mountaineer can face more rigid temperatures of up to -60°C during physical activities. Compatibility with step-in crampons makes these boots the perfect choice even for high level winter expeditions.

    EIGER LITE GTX RR BOA PU - ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering boots - Black/ Orange



    ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering boots

    € 729,00

    The 3030 Eiger Lite EVO GTX® RR BOA® is the new standard in alpine expeditions, high elevation mountaineering, lightweight, technical mountaineering and ice climbing. At merely 890 grams and featuring the BOA® Fit system, the latest Eiger in the Zamberlan collection will impress with its convenience, warmth and comfort, durability, and overall performance. An ideal boot for ice climbing and alpine expeditions, the Eiger Lite BOA is also built on Zamberlan's carbon fiber insole technology and features patented incorporations of the BOA® Fit system. Features include: ▪ The patented incorporation of the BOA® Fit system creates a one-of-a-kind experience allowing you to adjust the fit of your boot from the outside of the gaiter while climbing. No stopping, no removing gloves, no opening of the gaiter, simply adjust and keep climbing wherever you may be  ▪ The Zamberlan Carbon Fiber 5mm insole allows for the removal of the previous heavier insole for important weight savings. This Eiger LIte is 65 grams lighter than the 4000 Eiger Evo GTX RR ▪ A dual-density PU wedge integrates with the Zamberlan PCS EVO technology (professional crampon system) for a design perfectly matched to leading fully-automatic crampons ▪ The exclusive Zamberlan Vibram Penia outsole features a durable rubber compound material that will wear longer and maintain its function better than other lighter rubber compounds ▪ An integrated external gaiter design is improved as it wraps the back of the leg and ankle. The gaiter is made from stretch Cordura® and MicroFibre fabric laminated to PE to provide good abrasion resistance, with an elastic upper for a tighter fit ▪ Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort membranes line the Gaiter and provide insulation as well as waterproof protection for the entire height of the boot ▪ Simultaneously, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membranes are used in the gussets to maintain waterproof and breathable performance throughout ▪ Special YKK waterproof zippers assure the waterproof performance of the Gore-Tex while maintaining a sleek profile for more precise climbing ▪ The Zamberlan RRS (Rubber Rand System) runs around the entire boot and provides maximum protection and durability ▪ Zamberlan Thermo footbeds contain a PE layer for cushioning and an aluminum film for optimum insulation, adding to the comfort and performance of the boot ▪ Resolable ▪ Handcrafted in Italy  

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