Handmade Philosophy: one family, one company, one philosophy

Handmade Philosophy is our new payoff. It means to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. It expresses our style as a “brand with purpose”. It is also an invitation to live with the unique rhythms of “handmade” products.


In anticipation of our 90th birthday since launching the brand in April 1929,  the Zamberlan family would like to affirm its identity by reinforcing its image and recognition in more than 45 worldwide countries.
Zamberlan was a pioneering company in the creation of sporty, hiking boots, focalised on the invention, development and manufacture of its products. Giuseppe Zamberlan, a once simple cobbler and founder of the business was driven by a need to grow and improve. He turned his hand to production and step by step he created wooden forms, started researching materials and developing innovative construction techniques,  growing from cobbler to producer through meticulous hard work, passion, precision and experience.
With his father Giuseppe, Emilio Zamberlan began working for the company, eventually taking over and expanding the brand to include overseas clients. “I loved artisan production and was amongst the first to firmly believe in ‘Made in Italy’, so much so that I approached the Asian markets at the beginning of the 1970s to introduce and promote Made in Italy. Our history proves that we were above all else creators and producers with a very keen eye for quality. It’s been almost 90 years since our first prototypes and innovation revolutionised the production of mountain boots. The world has completely changed, but our artisan manufacturing methods haven’t. This is the heritage that we will be celebrating in 2019.”


The details of manufacturing high performance Made In Italy products of excellent quality and exquisite leathers have been passed down from generation to generation together with a passion and respect for the mountains. Inspired by the products, Marco Zamberlan knows well what a mountaineer‘s or expeditioner’s requirements are because he has always personally tested the products, even taking part in expeditions to some of the most spectacular peaks in the world. “Each one of our products comes from our own direct experience and testing out in the mountains, from studying what makes a good fitting shoe to the most suitable leathers. We put all of our passion into everything we do because we believe that whoever wears Zamberlan® deserves to enjoy each step, sharing in our Handmade Philosophy which represents our style in our work, our sport and our relationship with the mountains and environment.” This artisan approach which values passion and experience in the creation of these boots is the foundation of the company payoff.”

“Handmade Philosophy”  - conceived to express values that guide the spirit of the company and its methods of designing high quality and trustworthy products. “We wanted to convey that which we have always done” says Maria Zamberlan, Marco’s sister, “and that which represents our way of facing and living our work, sport and the mountains. We want to make the best products possible for our clients whilst respecting manufacturing times, our employees and the social and natural environment around us and where we have always been based. We would like our mission to mirror the mentality of every enthusiast that appreciates not only good performance but the pauses too, enjoying the whole journey and not just the final destination. Handmade Philosophy expresses our style of ‘brand with purpose’ but it’s also an invitation to live life with ‘handmade rhythms’ in order to fully savour experiences – at any latitude or altitude!”

Unhurried Excellence: our main objective is to manufacture extraordinarily well-made, beautiful products that are made to last.
Leather Style: is our style in which we distinguish and identify ourselves.
Respect. Don’t waste!: because we love and take care of the mountains, our territory, our work and the future.
Take time. Express yourself: we take our time with our products, they are not mass produced. We like to think that our customers using our footwear savour time and not just a destination, the journey and not just the arrival.
Experience, be yourself: the company heritage that we inherited ensures that our mountain footwear is consciously handmade. 
Innovation, for passion: just one of our drives is the development of technically evolved products and innovative solutions that interpret diverse approaches to the mountains.      

Since 1992 we have amassed so much experience and honed different construction techniques whilst maintaining an artisan approach in the manufacture of our products. There are however, two particular processes of which we are extremely proud and which require highly qualified and experienced personnel:
  1. Norwegian Welted Technology. This Norwegian method is a special technical type of construction that requires much experience and knowledge of its execution. This particular technique is characterised by a double stitch: the first fixes the upper to the insole (specially designed for this use), and the second fixes the upper to the midsole, to which the sole will later be glued.
    Products made using this method are structured and flexible, robust yet comfortable. Boots in this category are extremely durable and have the advantage that they can be re-soled.Un momento del processo di costruzione Norvegese
  2. ​​​​​​​Goodyear Welted Technology. This particular type of construction requires more time and attention by specialised, experienced and highly skilled artisans. The upper part of the shoe is stitched at the same times as a leather strip (also known as a welt) to the insole whilst simultaneously fixing the lining and the upper. The midsole is then glued and fixed with a second stitch typical of this kind of production. A filling agent is glued into the interspace between the insole and the sole using a highly resistant adhesive glue to perfect this type of construction. The Goodyear method is much appreciated for its softness, flexibility and immediate comfort particular to this product.
Un istante del procedimento di costruzione Goodyear​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Zamberlan has different collections and models of shoes and boots suited to the different activities and needs of the wearer in order to meet the requirements of all mountain enthusiasts, travellers, expeditioners, hunters, trekkers, hikers and adventurers etc. Zamberlan’s drive is to provide the best possible footwear to make each client’s experience the best it can be.
To see the complete collections and be updated on products and the latest developments forecast for 2019, (the year of our 90th anniversary), please visit our website, our online store and social media: FacebookPinterest, Youtube and Instagram.

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