BOOK A WORLD MADE OF SHOES. From the wools of Schio to the rocks of Pasubio


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When Marco arrived in Schio, he laid the foundations, without knowing, for the beginning of one of the oldest shoe factories in the world to have been owned by the founding faminly without a break.

And so, the origins of the progenitors and the first day in the life of the shoe shop a century ago are the preamble to a Story that is a tissue of the land, working culture and human community to which the firm belongs. 

The Calzaturificio Zamberlan, the Zamberlan Shoe Factory, in fact, did not take hold in the desert sands or the Polar ice, but in a fabric of beauty, roads, schools and trades that have ancient roots and traditions, like the art of working the fields, wood, silk, metals, stone and wool.

Afterwards, what Rossi and Marzotto did in this very fabric was to add ability and networks of clients, suppliers, services and transport in which people recognised, as they still do, their industrial landscape, the spirit of the goods they made and their cultural heritage. A haritage also made up of languages, sensibilities, myths, entrepreneurial flair and the morphology of the area that, as the Little Dolomites did for the Zamberlans, stimulated an identity between product and territory.

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