Winter trekking shoes

​​​​​​​Winter trekking shoes, the best choice to ensure waterproofness and thermal insulation, but also lightness and breathability. Prices and offers!

Trekking shoes for the winter season

Winter trekking shoes manufactured by Zamberlan® keep the foot warm even at low temperatures. Thanks to the use of GORE-TEX membranes, winter trekking shoes provide waterproofing and excellent thermal insulation, as well as breathability: this allows maintaining the right internal microclimate, preventing the formation of condensation that may compromise an excursion and jeopardize its safety. Zamberlan® winter trekking shoes are fitted with structured outsoles, which offer the right elasticity to the step without side or longitudinal torsion, which promotes a comfortable and safe gait both with snowshoes and crampons.
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