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EVEREST EVO RR PU  -  ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering  Boots   -   Black/Orange



ZAMBERLAN Mountaineering Boots

€ 899,00

Mountaineering boots designed for extreme expeditions to the Himalayan peaks that meet the needs of the mountaineer. Waterproofness, sturdiness and excellent protection are the characteristics at the base of our research into better shock absorbency and lightness, which exploits the most advanced technology that the footwear industry has to offer. The 8000 EVEREST EVO RR mountaineering boots have been especially designed for high altitude expeditions. The removable inner bootee guarantees optimal thermal insulation, the new Vibram® Penia outsole has deep-set, multi-directional lugs for better traction and durability. The double-density PU wedge (rigid PU and shock absorbing PU) guarantees better absorbency and support as well as lightness. The carbon fibre insole with honeycomb structure thermally insulates the inner bootee while maintaining the heat generated by the outsole of the feet. The rubber rand and the PU heel offer more protection against scratches and lacerations. The high gaiter is waterproof and the YKK zip is resistant to water, wind and UV rays. The excellent thermal insulation characteristic of the 8000 EVEREST EVO RR has been certified by the CIMAC institute for temperatures up to -30°C (in a static environment), but  the mountaineer can face more rigid temperatures of up to -60°C during physical activities. Compatibility with step-in crampons makes these boots the perfect choice even for high level winter expeditions.

AMELIA GTX WNS - ZAMBERLAN Women Trekking Boots - Peacock



ZAMBERLAN Women Trekking Boots

€ 275,00

331 AMELIA GTX  are women's mountain boots designed for trekking, hiking and backpacking. These mountain boots for women are part of the new   EPIC WOMEN collection,  characterized by the new shape especially designed by Zamberlan for the female foot. The women who choose Amelia GTX trekking boots are determined and self-confident, and look for superior products that guarantee top performance. The Amelia GTX mountain boots feature an upper in soft and flexible leather, with Hydrobloc® water repellent treatment which, combined with the GORE-TEX Performance Comfort lining, ideal for outdoor activities in moderate temperatures, guarantees breathability and waterproofness, as well as excellent control of the internal microclimate. The Vibram® Multifilm outsole chosen for the Amelia GTX model, features a special design to ensure traction and self-cleaning. The front area of the outsole is called the climbing zone and is characterized by a design that enhances sensitivity and traction on rocks, while at the rear the enhanced heel ensures safe braking in case of need. The enhanced toe box  provides top protection.  Amelia GTX women's mountain boots are fitted with a double density PU wedge that guarantees cushioning, lightness and flexibility. Amelia GTX women's mountain boots were inspired by Amelia Edwards, a resourceful and wealthy English lady, who spent the summer of 1872 in the Dolomites, reaching inaccessible peaks and places through rocky and panoramic trails, guided by her great curiosity, inexhaustible enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. She narrated her experience in her book, “Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys: A Midsummer Ramble in the Dolomites”.

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    The Family has 85+ years of tradition in the mountain boot manufacturing, having developed a profound culture for outdoor and mountain footwear and a great respect for the artisan craftsmanship.